Buffalo Arts Studio held their Trimania event on April 13th, 2013. This was an incredibly fun event to cover, with a ton of local artists, musicians, dancers, performers, a silent auction, basket raffle, and of course plenty of adult beverages. Check out some of my favorite shots from the event below!

[A Balanced Perspective] - BAS Trimania 2013-11


[A Balanced Perspective] - BAS Trimania 2013-15


[A Balanced Perspective] - BAS Trimania 2013-36


[A Balanced Perspective] - BAS Trimania 2013-32


[A Balanced Perspective] - BAS Trimania 2013-30


[A Balanced Perspective] - BAS Trimania 2013-44


[A Balanced Perspective] - BAS Trimania 2013-60


[A Balanced Perspective] - BAS Trimania 2013-91


[A Balanced Perspective] - BAS Trimania 2013-65


[A Balanced Perspective] - BAS Trimania 2013-82


[A Balanced Perspective] - BAS Trimania 2013-103


[A Balanced Perspective] - BAS Trimania 2013-114


[A Balanced Perspective] - BAS Trimania 2013-107


[A Balanced Perspective] - BAS Trimania 2013-117


[A Balanced Perspective] - BAS Trimania 2013-126


[A Balanced Perspective] - BAS Trimania 2013-129


Stop by www.buffaloartsstudio.org for more information on Trimania

- Dan

Frozen Buffalo Panoramas

I’ve finally finished off some serious Panoramas from my “Frozen Buffalo” shoot down at the harbor. Stop by my projects page and check them out!

Here’s a sample for you.

Cloud Fingers

Stitched Panorama


A crisp day in February where the skies opened up with some crazy cloud formations allowed for a great series of Panoramas at the Erie County Marina basin.

Stay tuned for my write-up of the Buffalo Arts Studio Trimania event.

- Dan

Panoramic Glory!

Introducing a new section to my page, the Projects section. I’ll feature some of my passion projects where you can see what I’ve been brewing up.

Introducing my first section in this genre, High Resolution Stitched Panoramas. These are scenes captured by snapping a bunch of images and sort of sew them together. This means you could blow them up to enormous sizes without losing any detail! Many of these are in HDR as well, so stop by and check out some of these monstrous bad boys.

Stitched Panorama

A Few Buffalo Local HDRs for you!

So I’ve got a little bit of a lull in edits… not that I’m done, just nothing pressing, no motivation to knock a bunch out this week. So, I’m going back through the archives and finding some local images that have slipped through the cracks for me. I love doing this, as it lets me find some hidden gems and do some fun, creative edits.

Check out these three HDR images from around the area.

City Fields

I spent a windy, rainy afternoon fishing along the Buffalo shores of Lake Erie. I didn’t catch anything, but on the way back, the skies cleared and I stumbled upon this dog park and baseball diamonds with a great view of the city. Definitely the best catch of the day!

Ice Falls

On one of the few snow storms we got last winter, I decided to take my camera out for a few shots of Glen Falls in Williamsville. I had a really tough time battling the elements here, as it was incredibly frigid. I was only able to get a dozen or so shots in before my lens started fogging up and freezing over faster than I could keep up. I had my thin gloves on that are good for still being able to manipulate the camera, but my hands froze to the bone very fast, so I wasn’t terribly upset with my lens fogging over.


The highway and train tracks gave this scene a rough feel, and a bit more so in Black and White HDR! I love the light in this one!

Until next time.

- Dan

Holiday Portraits and 2013 Buffalo Calendar

It’s a very busy time of year for me, and I’ve still been cranking away on a lot of photo related stuff!

First off, I’ve decided to make a 2013 Buffalo Calendar. These are some of my absolute favorite shots from the area. I have a few on hand for $25 each if you’d like to contact me, or you can stop over here and check it out, order online if you please.

I did a holiday portrait session with a friend and his beautiful family! I think they turned out well… what do you think??

A few more have been added to my portfolio and facebook pages. Stop by and check them out!

Until next time.

- Dan